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by Avery Stoker

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I seen YOU with your flowers, I been out I seen birds lose their feathers, INFINITY's enough for me I've been worse, I've been better, INFINITY's enough for me INFINITY's enough for me I read the WRITINGS ON THE WALL I heard the echo of your footsteps down the hall I heard nothing, I seen it ALL Take a hit, call it quits, take the fall Kiss me please // Come INSIDE One more time // HOT and cold Where you going? // It's just like last time Look at me // Look at YOU In my eyes // Little DEATH Always know it // Like the first time INFINITY's enough for me
OH THAT BUGS ME OUT YOU KILL ME every time You have a HALO in your eye It's running round the iris // I don't know what to say YOU KILL ME every time I LEARNED to READ between the lines And try to WANT to try And what are we gonna do now? Don't you worry, I am just as SCARED as YOU And you're the only one who knew how Gadarene goodbye You know it KILLS me when you cry You say "it's NOTHING, nevermind" And what are we gonna do now? Don't you worry, I am just as SCARED as YOU And you're the only one who knew how to calm me down
We saw FIREWORKS out your WINDOW Flashes cast DAYLIGHT, shadow your BEDROOM I'll hold you there forever in my arms A picture perfect memory Sit on the STOOP with the NEIGHBORS Wrapping ourselves in our fables Fuck if it could've been TABLED Our dangerous HOME I grew to love
I'm gonna GROW into it I'm breathing FIRE WHAT we did I can't break 10 again, I'm wasting away Dig in your mantle, I felt it come from the base: your sandals Pull more RENDER'EN you can handle so you're falling out Fix me please, O do not falter TRANSPLEND me in your alder That blackcurrant taste And life is like a long DEATH Send second to last breath, don't let it go to waste You sound second alarm, now what's the harm in that? Twas YOU decreed I fast, JEHOSHAPHAT! I'm dressed in what I AM, my baby blues And have you heard the HAPAXANTHOUS news? My eyes are bleeding to the red light, YOU curve to the touch! I know I gave you nothing, but now I can give you something Though it may not be much Who's Peter SANS shadow? How am I to win this battle? PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION PROJECTOR: PROJECTED I lost my reflection, I lost my MIR WHAT am I to do with all the FEAR? I FORGOT the LESSON
I'm not AFRAID of DYING anymore Now I'm a little SCARED of FIRE The BEDSHEET CAUGHT, we flew the COOP Sit in the DIRT and just get higher SHARP STINGS holding out too far or too close I burnt my hand, you burnt a hole in the pocket of your coat I'm not AFRAID of DYING anymore I'm LIVING up to my tattoo WHY should I be THE EXCEPTION? GOD forbid it's after YOU The SUN's a giant ball of FIRE that I would like to see someday It's just so far away But if STARLIGHT can reach from beyond the GRAVE then WHY can't I? WHY can't I be THE EXCEPTION? WHY can't YOU be THE EXCEPTION? And if STARLIGHT can reach from beyond the GRAVE, beyond the GRAVE Then WHY can't I? WHY can't I be THE EXCEPTION? WHY can't YOU be THE EXCEPTION? WHY can't WE be THE EXCEPTION? I want to be THE EXCEPTION
Took a walk around the PROPERTY at night SKY stays stained ORANGE from car lights It goes on though, they go on, you know MATH in my head is keeping me awake Gotta keep it all up for compulsion's sake What a burden to know what it is to GROW Couldn't be directionality, but you know what they say: "Eliminate impossibility, whatever remains" It's fucked up though, the lengths one goes WHERE have I been? WHERE am I going? These winds of CHANGE, they keep on BLOWING WRITINGS ON THE WALL speak to me PROJECTOR: PROJECTED, they see right through me In through the WINDOWS, it makes my skin crawl TWIN SNAKES COILED, MIDAIR SUSPENDED THEY'RE SPEAKING THE CREDITS, THE MOVIE JUST ENDED I wonder WHO produced it, and could I ever get used to it? Everything in 777 so I never could fall I hope I go to HEAVEN if I go somewhere at all RIGHTEOUS, despite this WHAT have I done? WHAT am I doing? Don't thing I won, I think I blew it Part of the SUM, I always knew it Part of the WHOLE
Cut there quick, FADE TO BLACK, not just yet Signal ON, taking off all my clothes I've been here so long now I FORGET But it's okay, we said ONE DAY when I was someone else TENSION and RELEASE both will play their part perfect HARMONY ORGANIC- and MECHANICally composed Another OUROBOROS Chimerically control all impulses External SIGNS you'd LOVE me if you ever got the time O my LOVE, YOU found me at my lowest All your LOVE SURROUND ME NOW O my Love, YOU found me at my lowest FIRE DANCE AROUND ME NOW FIRE SIGN SURROUND ME NOW
i think jack said it was terrence mckenna talking about mushrooms




released January 17, 2021

Avery Stoker - writing, recording, mixing, vox, guitars, bass, keys, drums, production/programming
Emma Byler - vocals (2)
Julian Calv - mixing (2, 3, 6, 7), vocals (6), recording (6), arrangement (6, 7), trimba (7)
Matthew Hotchkiss - double bass (3), vocals (6)
Andy Kapetanakis - mixing, mastering, production/programming, piano (3), percussion (5, 6), vocals (6), trumpet (7)
Matthew Layding - vocals (6)
Jesse Leahey - percussion (3), vocals (6), arrangement (7), brass (7)
Max Ludewig - vocals (2, 5, 6)
Joshua Nemeth - guitar, vocals (6)
Noah Reichard - recording (3, 6), vocals (6)
Jack Steinman - vocals (2, 3, 5, 6, 7), guitar (2, 5)


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Avery Stoker New Jersey


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